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TimeStory Pictures Inc. is an independent production company focussed on producing original screenplays for film, television and alternative markets. TimeStory is also an active executive producer in the indie film market.

Timestory’s scripts have been characterized as quirky, genre-defying, highly original, emotionally grounded and inclusive, with strong commercial prospects. A diverse group of writers, lead by founder Katherine Anne Flanders, produces an eclectic mix of drama, comedy, and all forms of genre that populate TimeStory’s slate.

Based in Toronto, it has made alliances with the UK and Spanish film and television industries, with plans to develop its screenplays in co-production with overseas partners.

Dedicated to raising the bar on screenwriting, Katherine Anne founded TimeStory as a platform for her own scripts and for writers whose screenplays are expertly crafted with compelling stories. Her goal is for TimeStory Pictures to provide producers with unique A-List screenplays with high impact commercial viability.


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