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TimeStory Pictures began where most film and television companies begin, by producing independent Short Films. As the appetite for shorts grows worldwide, TimeStory looks forward to continuing to produce them throughout the life of the company.

Mismatch and Lighter Selected Short Film TimeStory Pictures

Mismatch and Lighter

A quirky therapist takes it upon herself to play matchmaker with all of her unsuspecting clients.

Director: Mark Datuin
Producer: Krzysztof Bryjak and Mark Datuin
Executive Producer: TimeStory Pictures, MAD Resilience Films

Festivals & Awards

Winner, 2017 Flagler Film Festival - Audience Choice: Dark Film

Winner, 2017 Flagler Film Festival - Best International Cast

Winner, 2017 Flagler Film Festival - Indie Auteur Award - Mark Datuin

Official Selection, 2017 Flagler Film Festival

Official Selection, 2017 Toronto Short Film Festival

Official Selection, 2017 Milledgeville Film Festival

Official Selection, 2017 Chautauqua Film Festival

White Lock TimeStory Pictures

White Lock

Members of a community are tormented by personal tragedy and the irrational decisions that bind them to their fate.

Writer / Director: Mark Datuin
Producer: Angelica Alejandro
Executive Producer: TimeStory Pictures

Festivals & Awards

Court Métrage Short Film Corner, 2015 Festival de Cannes

Winner, 2015 Milledgeville Film Festival - Best International Film

Winner, 2015 Amsterdam Film Festival - Best International Filmmaking

Winner, 2015 Garden State Film Festival - Best International Instrumental

Official Selection, 2015 Toronto Short Film Festival

Official Selection, 2015 Goa Short International Film Festival

Official Selection, 2015 Paterson Falls Film Festival

Official Selection, 2015 Oakville Festivals of Film & Art

Agape TimeStory Pictures


A reformed convict makes a losing bid for custody of his son, how far will he go for love?

Director: Chris Strikes
Producer: Emmanuel Kabongo
Executive Producer: TimeStory Pictures


Official Selection, 2014 Parrsboro Film Festival

Official Selection, 2015 Toronto Underground Film Festival

Official Selection, 2015 African American Film Marketplace & S.E. Manly Short Film Festival

Official Selection, 2015 Sahar Film Festival

Official Selection, 2015 Toronto Short Film Festival

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Cinco Canciones

Dark Dramatic Comedy
Producers: TimeStory Pictures, Josef Brandmaier, PMW Management
Writer: Katherine Anne Flanders

A troubled, middle-aged musician chases his final chance at stardom in a bid to win his estranged twin sons back, before his demons defeat him.


Science Fiction

Writer: Katherine Anne Flanders

Chava Monter battles through a parallel universe to rescue her daughter from its malignant leader before he reprogrammes her to destroy their own world.


Picasso’s Ghost

Magical Reality Drama

A reclusive introvert facing death, magically finds herself in Picasso's birthplace twenty-five years after his death, with a mission: redeem the great mysoginist or die.

Romancing Antonio

Romantic Comedy

Widowed artist, Antonio del Toro, indulges in guilt as he relished celebrity; he spoils his stunted adult children, refuses to paint and makes his art dealer crazy, but he snaps out of it when he falls for a woman intent on meeting Antonio Banderas. His plan to woo her by “helping” her achieve her goal works, until the Antonio of her dreams walks into the middle of it.


Action Adventure

One pure soul is cleaved in two by an evil force at the dawn of civilization, tearing peace from humanity; one half remembers their past and seeks his partner through the ages, only to be stymied by the evil that keeps her blind to him.

Road Kill


Two estranged brothers and one ex-wife, reunited for a funeral, are shaken by decades old revelations of abuse that lead to the discovery of the man behind an unsolved serial murder case; but will they find out too late to save their own children?



Lydia Lost

Period/Time Travel/Detective Procedural
Producers: TimeStory Pictures
Writer: Katherine Anne Flanders

A 21st Century woman, trapped in 1930’s London, causes catastrophic ripples in time that she must correct to prevent her future from unravelling before she finds a way back. Fortunately her mobile still Googles.


Fantasy/Detective Procedural
Writer: Katherine Anne Flanders

When you cheat on your wife and crush her so that she runs off, develops total amnesia and marries another woman, it's complicated. But when you're the Faerie King and Queen bound in love to protect humanity from demon rule, it's an epic disaster.

Shepherd Street

Period Drama
Writer: Katherine Anne Flanders

In 1827, Jewish widow, Elizabeth Braham boards ladies to keep her young family out of the workhouse, but when they turn out to be whores she adapts for her children and founds a brothel and a dynasty on Shepherd Street in London’s famed Mayfair.

Until God Do Us Part

Family Sitcom
Nominated: Oaxaca Filmfest 2018, Best in Category & Global Grand Prize
Writers: Barbara de la Fuente & Katherine Anne Flanders

Growing up as an only child can be tough, but when you’re the focus of a religious tug-of-war between your Catholic and Jewish families, it’s downright confusing.




Writer: Katherine Anne Flanders

A young Metis girl escapes a brutal residential school, assumes a new identity and attains stardom, while her former guardian hunts her down to enforce penance before she rises beyond his reach.

Cop Out

Winner, 2013 WMM Screenwriters Competition
Writer: Michael Coady
Producers: Burning Boat Productions, TimeStory Pictures

A cop who wants to quit the force to become an actor gets saddled with a failed actor as his rookie partner.

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