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Katherine Anne Flanders TimeStory Pictures

Katherine Anne Flanders


A lifelong writer, Katherine Anne took up the craft of screenwriting five years ago. In just a few short years her work has garnered the attention of international producers and festivals alike. She continues to hone her craft, studying with Corey Mandell at UCLA and coaching with Jay Harley, a BAFTA Award winning script editor with years of BBC experience.

One of Katherine Anne’s scripts, co-written with Barbara de la Fuente, was recently nominated in its category and for the Global Grand Prize at the Oaxaca Filmfest 2018. Her screenplays are typified by their eclectic mix of genres and a dark comedic touch. Her characters are rich, their dialogue truthful, the settings evocative and their stories authentic.

Michael Coady TimeStory Pictures

Michael Coady


Michael Coady produces film and television that challenges stereotypes, cultivates empathy and unifies communities. Early in his career he produced the East Coast Canadian premiere of John Patrick Shanley's Pulitzer Prize winning, Doubt, A Parable in 2008, a box office success.

Michael mines his extensive network throughout Canada and the US to promote and package TimeStory’s projects. He is also a writer and responsible for TimeStory’s new presence in Ottawa.

Matt Ferraz TimeStory Pictures

Matt Ferraz

Director of Public Relations & Social Media

Matt Ferraz is Brazilian with a degree in Journalism and a Masters in Biography at the University of Buckingham, in the UK. With years of experience as a film critic, Matt is also a published author, with works released in English, Portuguese and Italian.

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