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Katherine Anne Fairfoul TimeStory Pictures

Katherine Anne Fairfoul


Katherine Anne Fairfoul is a lifelong writer, producing short stories since childhood, a pastime which evolved into work as a journalist and business writer. A few years ago she turned her hand to screenwriting. She is currently working with producers in the UK, Germany, Los Angeles and Spain on co-productions for two films and two television series.

Katherine Anne’s writing is an eclectic mix of drama, romantic comedy, and genre pieces including time travel, sci-fi, and dark fantasy. Every dark piece has moments of comedy, while comedic pieces have elements of drama. Her characters are rich, their dialogue truthful, the settings evocative and the stories authentic.

Michael Coady TimeStory Pictures

Michael Coady


Michael Coady produces film and television that challenges stereotypes, cultivates empathy and unifies communities. He produced, through Burning Boat Productions, the East Coast Canadian premiere of John Patrick Shanley's Pulitzer Prize winning, Doubt, A Parable in 2008. From this box office success, he launched projects in Los Angeles and Toronto.

Michael is a tireless producer, mining his extensive network throughout Canada and the US to promote and finance TimeStory’s projects. He oversees design and production of pitch packages with a diligent eye to detail, presenting TimeStory’s visions with precision and artistry.

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